Eyes & Perception

EYes & Perception

Eyes are that organ enabling me to make contact with the surroundings and to perceive my environment.

Eye-figure with tears

These changes can also be caused or intensified by psycho-social circumstances (e.g. stress, a crisis, life-changes).

In addition to a medical treatment a psychotherapeutic treatment is also recommended, in order to conceive relations and to achieve improvements.

Development of the perception

Already during the childhood I learn my own special perception about myself and about my environment.

Functional deficiencies of the eyes (visual impairment,...) often strongly affect the self-awareness, the perception of others and the personal development. Moreover, these deficiencies may also be caused by external circumstances (e.g. high-pressure environment).

Katja Vlcek shows to a client how to activate the eyes by following a figure-of-eight.

How I see myself and my environment determines several factors: the tension of my body and of my muscles, the blood flow in my body, my actions, my thoughts, my social network, ...

Thus, it is essential to affectionately treat this very important organ.

In the article "Augen & Psyche" you will learn more about the integral relations of visual impairment or eye diseases. (Printed in the journal Greenbalance).